Some questions hang around longer than others, right? And forgetting them certainly doesn't solve them. So this is my list of questions where I have done some amount of research, but have not found enough supporting evidence. If you have any information or ideas about any of the names on this list, please feel free to contact me.



New Jersey

Where are our 5th g-grandparents, Ernst and Maria, buried? I've never seen any clues regarding this question. More than that, I have wondered if Maria didn't go live with her youngest daughter, Anna Picker, in Warrington, Bucks, PA. In the 1840 census, there was a very elderly female in their household who could have been Maria - was it?


Was John Mann of Milford, Oakland, Michigan the son of Ernest Mann and Maria Magdalena Sommer? I believe that John Mann lived for awhile in Luzerne county, PA, and then later joined the migration of Mann and Sommer families who went to Michigan (Oakland and Macomb counties). If true, John brought some of his children with him and we have more Mann relations in MI!

Speaking of John Mann's, my ancestor Ernst Menge had an older brother, Henrich (Henry), and that brother had a son named Johannes (John), born in PHL in 1758. The last we know of this John Mann is that he was indentured to Jacob Weaver to become a tanner/currier. What ever happened to this John Mann?


My ancestor, Ernst Menge, had a brother named Johannes (John) who was known to have had an inn on North Second St. in the Northern Liberties district. [I think this establishment might have been an inn (as in hotel) rather than a tavern (public gathering place), but I'm not altogether sure on this point.] The question is what was the name of John Mann's establishment? There has been lots of digging for this answer, but so far, no luck.



Who was Alfred Summers, born about 1817 in New Jersey, and died 1885 in Brandon, Oakland, MI? He was married to Sarah Shadbolt (or Shadwell, not sure) of New York in 1839 in Michigan, and they had a number of children. Another Summers researcher (thanks to JD!) found in the probate records of John Summers Jr. (1784-1843) reference to a note dated Jan. 1840 due to John Jr. from David and Alfred Summers (this was one many notes due to John Jr from many different people!). Also found was a deed from Alfred and Sarah Summers of Oxford, Oakland, MI to Jared Summers of same place, dated 6 Sep 1845. How was this Alfred Summers connected to David (probably a son of David 1782-1825), John Jr., and Jared 1819-1902 (probably son of William d 1832)?

I'm not very sure that David H. Summers was a son of Jacob Summers Sr. His birth year seems to range from 1824-1831, and we don't have any census where this David appears with Jacob Sr's family. There was a David Summers living in the household of Jacob 2d in 1850 who was supposedly born in NY, but his birth year does closely match that of David H. And then there is some connection to Alfred in 1840 (see previously mentioned mystery).

New Jersey

What ever happened to our ancestor, Anna Barbara Rub Sommer? Based on deed activity, my best guess is that she died around 1816, but it would be nice to know more. There is also the ongoing mystery of how Anna Barbara was associated with the name LONGSTREET. I have imagined that Anna Barbara remarried after Georg died in 1785, but I have not found any supporting evidence for that idea.

Who was George Summers who served in the New Jersey Assembly in 1829 representing Warren County? The other Warren County representative was Daniel Vliet, the guy (or A guy with that name) who filled out a pension application in 1834 stating that he had served in the Revolution with George Summers from Oxford. This is all very confusing! Of the men named George Summers from the Freistett clan who lived in colonial PHL and NJ, we have:

Of course there's always the possibility that this George Summers is not related to my Freistett clan at all. But, as always, I have a theory! There was a George Summers, carpenter, married to Lydia Wright, who lived in PHL for many years and was politically active. Around 1820 he "disappeared" from PHL. Did he move to Sussex County, New Jersey where he had other Summers relations? If this theory is true, how was this George related to our family? (the only answer would be that he was a descendant of Mathias Sommer). I also have an alternative theory, that being that the newspaper article mentioning George Summers being elected to the NJ Assembly was incorrect. I haven't been able to find any other reference, and we know that Jacob Summers, grandson of George Sr., was very politically active, and in fact Jacob became a Michigan state senator soon after the family migration to MI. We have to consider maybe the NJ newspaper article was incorrect, and it was Jacob Summers who got elected to the NJ Assembly. In any case, this question is begging for more research (made only more difficult because NJ federal censuses for this time period were destroyed!)

Who was John Summers who married Mary Dillenham in Sussex County, 5 Jan 1802. Speculation is that this could be a first marriage of John Summers Jr. 1784-1843, before John's known marriage to Jane Gardner in 1807. If this marriage does belong to our family, were there any children?


Pertaining to Dr. John Sommer:

Who was Barbara White, mentioned as living with Martin Sommer when Jacob-Moreland wrote his will in 1823?

Martin Summers, blacksmith, married Maria Sommer - who was she? Did she have connection to HW Sommer's?

What about those darned Hayes? (more detail on this question coming soon)

Is there any more evidence to support the arrival of Matthias Sommer, oldest Freistett brother, arriving in PHL before 1752?

Is there any evidence (besides my theory) to tie Martin-Oxford to our Freistett family?

What happened to the widows and children of George Summers d. 1810, and Martin Summers d. 1811?


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