This website pertains to the genealogy research of my 3rd great-grandparents:

  • Charles Wheeler Root was probably born around 1806 in Williamson, Wayne, New York. According to a published genealogy of the Root family, he was the son of Moses Root and Hannah Denison. We have only his marriage record to Paulina in 1835 in Washtenaw county, Michigan as documentation of his life. There is some thought that he was last seen in Marshalltown, Iowa in the 1880 census, but we can't be sure that the identity of that man was the same as our ancestor.
  • Paulina, about whom we know so little. When she married Charles Wheeler Root, she had the surname NICHOLS/NICKELS. But in the records of her children, two other surnames have been associated with her: VANNATTA and LAUTON/LAWTON. Family story says that she died when her daughter, Eliza Jane Root, was 12 years old, and based on that, we estimate she might have died around 1849.
  • Several DNA matches have appeared in recent years who all descend from LUKE FROST and MARY KENT or CAMPBELL. My analysis indicates that these matches are very likely related to the line of our mysterious Paulina.

I descend from Eliza Jane Root, a daughter of Charles Wheeler and Paulina born in 1837 who married John Baptiste Coquigne. They lived in Mundy, Genesee, Michigan for over 55 years.

This line of my family has been a brick wall for many years, so I am always interested in corresponding with those who might be able to add new information to the puzzle of these ancestors. Be sure to check out the articles in my research library to see the different research avenues I have explored to date.

Posted on November 19, 2022